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The Life of Christ

This DVD contains 3500+ JPG royalty-free images of the Life of Jesus Christ. This is the 13th DVD in our series on the LIFE of CHRIST. There are 13 DVDs in the Jesus Collection.

The Glory Collection includes beautiful classics from the 20th century, which are well-known and loved. This generous collection of images is provided at a very low price. You can see free samples of all images on this disk at GloryandArmor.com Gallery

TECHNICAL INFO: all 3500+ images are provided in low-resolution (90 dpi). This DVD does not contain any of our high-resolution images: it is a complete set of the LOW resolution images which are useful for Overhead Projection as well as websites. Image quality may depend, in part, on the quality of the original print it was derived from.

CATEGORIES: JESUS the CHRIST images are organized in the following categories:


ROYALTY-FREE: Images are royalty-free and may be used for personal as well as commercial projects.You are welcome to use single images or selected images for your projects, including websites, projection overheads. We hope that these beautiful Jesus images will be included in slideshow projects and video projects, too.

RESTRICTIONS: This digital collection contains proprietary material:
The Glory Collection may NOT be reproduced for distribution or resale.
(c) Copyright 2012 GloryandArmor

PRESERVATION: In addition to being very useful for websites, overheads and printed projects, this collection is also an effort to assemble and preserve thousands of lovely images from the late 1800's and 1900's. Most are in color. Some are black and white. And some have been colored or tinted in order to make them more useful for modern audiences, such as the famous Dore and Bida engravings. Our collection spans nearly 75 years of Christian illustration.

SAMPLES: To see examples of what is on this disk, you can browse our free images at GloryandArmor.com Gallery

. The images on THIS disk are larger than our free samples: they are sized for Powerpoint: they are 850 high and width varies depending on whether the image is landscape or portrait. Most landscape images are well over 1100 pixels wide.

GLORY COLLECTION: We are offering a total of 13 image DVDs of the Life of Christ. ARTISTS in our DIGITAL COLLECTIONS include:
Artist ADAMS, Artist ARTHUR, Artist ASHNAZY, Artist AUBERT, William Joseph Armitage, Henry Ary, Harry Anderson, Paul Ashbrook, George Alfred Avison, Robert Temple Ayres, Artist BABCOCK, Artist BARRON, Artist BATHMANN, Artist BLOCK, Artist BOOTH, Artist BROWNING, Artist BRYANT, Artist BUIL, Artist BRADY, Artist BENZ, Nicolo Barabino, Carl Bertling, William Blake, Edward Howland Blashfield, Charlot Byj, Cicily Mary Barker, Arthur Ernst Becher, Leslie Langille Benson, Peter V Bianchi, Alexandre Bida, G Biermann, Carl Heinrich Bloch, Francis R Bogdan, Sandro Botticelli, William Bouguereau, Norman Brice, CE Brock, F Della Bruna, BUNZONI RAFAEL, Eugene Burnand, Mabel Buxton, Artist COBBINS, Artist COE, Artist COLICKI, Philippe de Champaigne, Marjorie Child, John Singleton Copley, Tom Curr, Antonio Ciseri, Charles Bosseron Chambers, Hermann Clementz, Bess Cleveland, Ralph Pallen Coleman, Henry Coller, Fred Collins, Harold Copping, Antonio Da Correggio, Josef Cornelius Correns, Leonardo Da Vinci, Artist S Defregger, Artist Des Coudres, Melchior Paul Deschwanden, Edward J Detmold, Alfred Diethe, Carlo Dolci, Christian Dalsgaard, Peter Darro, Ernst Deger, Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich, Arthur A Dixon, Gustave Dore, Anton Dorph, Artist EASTLAKE , Artist Hans Eder, George T Eggleston, Rudolf Eichstaedt, Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg, Artist Alex Ender , Artist FAY, Artist FISCHER, Artist FITCH, Artist FORLI, Jules Flandrin, Charles Malcolm Fraser, Carl Froschl, Martin Feuerstein, Florian G. Kraner, Robert Atkinson Fox, William Fredericks, Gebhard Fugel, Artist GEBHARDT, Artist GRIES, Artist GROSS, Artist GUINNESS, Artist GUISEPPE, Florence A Gibson, Henry Gibson, Giorgio Da Castelfranco, Karl Godwin, Artist C Paul Grafe, Manuel Ruiz Guerrero, Gabriel Cornelius von Max, Josef August Untersberger aka GIOVANNI, Richard H Dirk Gringhuis, Artist HAENDLER, Artist HOPE, L Victoria Hall, Roy S Hambleton, Artist Harmant, William John Heaslip, Gerrit Gerard van Honthorst, Charles F Horndorf, Andreas Herman Hunnaeus, William Holman Hunt, Arthur Hacker, George Hacker, Ernst Hader, Evelyn Stuart Hardy, Russ Harlan, Artist ER Harper, Artist EJ Hartley, Evelyn Stuart Hardy, Artist ES Hardy, William Hatherell, George Hinke, Haindl Hofheim, Heinrich Hofmann, William Hole , Wilhelm Immenkamp, Charles François Jalabert, Lajos Louis Jambor, Robert Edmond Jones, Artist KAULBACH, Artist KIRSCHBACH, Artist KRAUSE, Endre Komaromi Kacz, Erwin Kusthardt, Kay Draper, Warner Kreuter, Florence Kroger, Artist LESCHI, Artist LINSON, Artist LONG, Artist LINSON, Artist LOW, Artist LOWE, Artist A W Lacey, Alois Lahoda, Father Loubnitz, Heinrich Lauenstein, Albert Earl Lefler, Hans Lietzmann, Naomi Charles Limont, Bernardino Luini, Paul Laune, Anton Robert Leinweber, Henry Lerolle, Otto Theodor Gustav Lingner, C K Linton, Viola Ruth Lowe, William Luberoff, Niels Anker Lund , Frederik Christian Lund, Artist MARTIN, Artist McCONNELL, Artist MICHELS, Artist MINTON, Artist MUELLER, Artist MULLER, Artist MUNSON, Artist MAINZER, Artist MOORE, George Grenville Manton, Carlo Maratta, Angelo Martinetti, Masha Marie Simchow Stern, Fortunino Matania, Otto Mengelberg, Luc-Olivier Merson, Hugo Mieth, Sir John Everett Millais, Georg Muhlberg, Madsen Eleanora, Joseph Maniscalco, William Henry Margetson, Domenico Mastroianni, Josef Mathauser, John Alfred Mohlte, Mihaly Von Lieb Munkacsy, Bartolome Esteban Murillo, Homer Nelson, Thomas Nelson, Armond A Noack Jr, Gherardo Notti, Vernon Nye, OTTO, Henrik Olrik, Walter Ohlson, H Willard Ortlip, Artist PARISH, Artist PARSONS, Artist PESARO, Artist PISTOR, Artist PRALL, Paul Dominique Philippoteaux, Nicolas Poussin, Bernhard Plockhorst, Clyde Norman Provonsha, Edwin John Prittie, Maud Feller Fuller Petersham, Miska Petersham, Lester Milton Quade, Artist REID, Artist ROBERTSON, Artist ROSS, Karl Rumpel, Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn, Guido Reni, Peter J Rennings, Andrea della Robbia, Norman Rockwell, Martinus Rorbye, Karl Rumpel, Edward Runci, Raffaello Sanzio Raphael, RAWLINS CASS RAWLINS, Monroe Reisman, Charles Mark Relyea, Paul Baker Remmey, Briton Riviere, Feodor Stepanovich Rojankovsky, Mary Royt, Peter Paul Rubens, Herbert Navigius Rudeen , Sir Joshua Reynolds, Artist SEIGER, Artist SEIGNAC, Artist SHARP, Artist STEIN, Artist SCHMIDT, Adolfo Simeone, Heinrich Johann Sinkel, William Strutt, Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld, Warner E Sallman, James J Sant, Harry Steele Savage, Wilhelm Schade, Jes William Schlaikjer, Artist AO Scott, John Singer Sargent, Herbert Gustave Schmalz, Hermann Seeger, Frederick James Shields, Everett Shinn, Nathaniel Sichel, Alfred Usher Soord, Sharon Stearns, William Frederick Stecher, Otto Adolph Stemler, Edmund Joseph Sullivan, Jonathan M Swanson, Artist THOMPSON, Rod Taenzer, Rachel Taft Dixon, Salvador Tarazona, Margaret W Tarrant, Gustaf Adolf Tenggren, Harry George Theaker, Friedrich Paul Thumann, Fab Tillack, J James Tissot, Tiziano Vecellio Titian, George Timothy Tobin, Marjorie Torrey, Arthur Twidle, Artist VOGHT, Artist VOGT, Artist VOOT, Artist VYSEKEL, Oswald Voelkel, Carl Christian Vogel Von Vogelstein, Artist WHIT, John William Walter, Lynd Kendall Ward, James Wilke, NC Wyeth, Rudolf Yelin , Hans Zatzka Zabateri, Ernst Karl Zimmermann, Charles Zingaro.

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